Stockade Works Crew Boot Camps

Stockade Works offers Crew Boot Camps throughout the year in partnership with local film and television productions. These short intensives are geared toward novice to intermediate level applicants who have an interest in working as crew on film and television productions. This program is designed with access in mind, giving participants an opportunity to learn hands-on, chain on command, how to read a call sheet, make daily sides, communicate with each department through walkie talkies, break down scripts, film set lingo, and the proper “setiquette” from film professionals.

Stockade Works’ Crew Boot Camps vary from production to production.  Tracks offered during each Crew Boot Camp are dependent upon the needs of that specific production. Not all tracks will be offered during every Crew Boot Camp.

Full and partial scholarships are available to attend this workshop. Although we charge for our trainings, we offer scholarships to at least 50% of our applicants so don’t hesitate to apply!

Applications are currently closed. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of future crew boot camps and check out our upcoming workshops.

Stockade Works Pilot Crew Boot Camp, summer 2017

Since our pilot Bootcamp in the summer of 2017, we have trained over 50 Hudson Valley residents and have referred over 40 graduates on film, TV and other tech-related projects in the region. These projects offer well-paying, quality crew jobs that provide pathways to meaningful careers in film and television production, theater and media.