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Devin Balloqui-Smith

Devin Balloqui-Smith
2017 Stockade Works Pilot Crew Boot Camp Graduate

Art Assistant

Red Hook (Dutchess County)

During the summer.

2017: Art Assistant, Film (Feature) "The Rest of Us," Linda Mills/Stockade Works

Assistant Cameraman, (Student film), "Acceptance"

Assistant Cameraman, (Student film), "Horizon"

Production Assistant, (Student film), "For My Sister"

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Devin Balloqui-Smith is currently a student of Cinema and Photography with minors in Business and Marketing at Ithaca College. He is interested in both production and pre-production. Devin was a Production Assistant in the Art Department with Stockade Works on the film The Rest of Us. He has spent this past year working on several student film sets as an Assistant Cameraman and Production Assistant. This coming year Devin was hired to work at the Park Portable Equipment Center and Services to gain more knowledge about film equipment.


Contact Devin: 

Email + Phone: 845-750-2251


Beth Davenport, Co-Founder/Executive Director of Stockade Works