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2018 was an amazing year for Stockade Works and we’re excited for what’s to come in 2019!

Since our pilot Boot Camp in the summer of 2017, we have trained over 50 Hudson Valley residents and have referred over 40 graduates on film, TV and other tech-related projects in the region.  

Since our August 2018 Sound Department Workshop, we have referred graduates to over 10 quality jobs. Our workshop brought in industry-leading, diverse professionals to train 17 local residents to become boom operators and sound utility on film and television projects.

We just launched our Apprenticeship Program, which offers HV residents a unique opportunity to hone skills in fiction, documentary, and organization filmmaking and put those skills to work on local productions.

We continue to refer our program graduates to well-paying crew jobs on track to quality, meaningful careers. We are on track to train 100 crew a year and create over 2,000 jobs by 2021 and engaging in retention efforts to ensure the jobs stay in the HV region.


Here’s what your support will help us accomplish in 2019:

Stockade Works is planning on increasing our training programs by 200% in 2019:

  • We will offer 2 Crew Boot Camps with incoming productions we have attracted to shoot in the region

  • We will fill identified crew gaps through targeted trainings

  • We will deliver job-readiness curriculum to local schools, bringing career awareness presentations and select trainings to these institutions

Through our commitment to serving all members of the community we are working to create industry-wide change through a number of initiatives, including:

  • 'Doing Production Differently' study

  • Stockade Works Content Division

  • Quality Pictures, Mary Stuart Masterson’s new production company, committed to shooting exclusively in the Hudson Valley

  • Postworks' agreement to supply technology and support to Stockade Works’ post-production facilities

  • Encouraging other production entities to develop projects to shoot in the Hudson Valley

  • Working with MPAA member companies to bring larger-scale productions to the Hudson Valley and utilize our Boot Camp and trainee pool



The Hudson Valley is right on the verge of an artistic and economic renaissance, with Stockade Works right at the heart of it. With our 40% tax incentive, gorgeous locations, and world class talent, I am so excited to see what 2018 holds for our area. I’m proud to partner with Mary Stuart Masterson, and I invite locals and far off friends alike to join us in creating a film community that supports women, diversity and damn fine film!
— Hilarie Burton, Actress/Producer & Hudson Valley Resident