Stockade Works: Make Local Work


We are training a diverse, local workforce, providing access to entertainment and technology jobs, and producing our own film & TV, digital products & platforms, and events. We are helping to make the Hudson Valley the next great destination for production and technology.

DONATE TODAY!  Your tax deductible support will help Make Local Work for the future of media in the Hudson Valley. 


"The Hudson Valley is right on the verge of an artistic and economic renaissance, with Stockade Works right at the heart of it. With our 40% tax incentive, gorgeous locations, and world class talent, I am so excited to see what 2018 holds for our area. I'm proud to partner with Mary Stuart Masterson, and I invite locals and far off friends alike to join us in creating a film community that supports women, diversity and damn fine film!"

–  Hilarie Burton, Actress/Producer & Hudson Valley Resident



"I’ve been waiting for 15 years for someone like Mary Stuart Masterson to move forward with [Stockade Works]. It’s a win-win for the entire Mid-Hudson Valley region."

– Laurent Rejto Director, Hudson Valley Film Commission