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For the past year, Tony Porter has been working with Stockade Works, the TMI Project, and the Kingston High School football team to confront a hyper-masculine culture and redefine what it means to be men. 

Stockade Works has been capturing the process of Porter's work with the Kingston High School football team and is currently creating an impact-driven media project. 

On Thursday, September 28, Tony Porter will be honored for his groundbreaking work during TMI's Voices in Action: 2017 Community Outreach Showcase at BSP Kingston. 

The evening will also feature true stories from participants in workshops offered through TMI Project's Community Outreach Initiative including Zac, a self-proclaimed "shy" football player struggling to fit in a hyper-masculine environment, Rachel from #blackstoriesmatter who will let the audience know why she's "terrible at being black," and Morris who will share what he wishes his grandmother knew about what it's like to live with schizophrenia.

All ticket proceeds for the evening will be used to advance the Community Outreach Initiative of TMI Project. Tickets can be donated to a teen affiliated with The Maya Gold Foundation, a volunteer for Citizen Action, a client of MHA, and/or a Kingston High School Student.

For tickets and more information, visit:

VIDEO: Tony Porter's 2010 TED Talk "A Call to Men"