Follow a group of Kingston High School football players as they learn what it means to be men both on & off the field with "Locker Room Talk," a Stockade Works media project in partnership with TMI Project, Tony Porter’s A CALL TO MEN and Kingston High School.

A free performance of the stories told by Kingston High School football players, followed by a sneak peek of the Stockade Works produced documentary, and moderated discussion, will take place at Kingston High School on February 9. (Event info:

PRESS for "Locker Room Talk"

DAILY FREEMAN: “The TMI Project founded by Eva Tenuto, along with Stockade Works ... approached the school district because they wanted to partner with us and work with our football team and with them about what it means to be a man,” district communications coordinator Kate Heidecker said. [ STORY ]

CHRONOGRAM: "Stockade Works, a nonprofit film production organization based in Kingston, stepped in to document the experience of the Locker Room Talk workshops. The forthcoming documentary follows the teenage athletes as they participate in TMI Project’s writing and storytelling workshops. 

“Stockade Works is proud to be documenting the process so the message can be shared en masse to create real and lasting social change," says Masterson.

In the documentary, the high schoolers respond to a presentation by Porter, who explains the concept of the “manbox” as “how men are collectively taught,” or “the collective socialization of manhood.” Throughout the process they are encouraged to talk about their emotions in a way they may not have felt acceptable under their previous socialization. [ STORY ]