Our Mission: Make Local Work

Stockade Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the potential of film/tv, media and tech in the Hudson Valley. Access and inclusion are at the core of our mission: we believe that every individual should have opportunities for quality, well-paying jobs with avenues for growth. 

Our Goals

To create an ecosystem for film production and workforce development in the HV by strategically engaging the region’s assets and ensuring inclusive access, broad-based economic opportunity, and quality job creation. 

Within the ecosystem, create jobs in an economically distressed region and serve those who typically face barriers to employment: women, minorities, veterans, and displaced workers. 

How Are We Doing This?

Through our training programs: 

  • Stockade Works runs workforce development programs in the film, television, media and tech industries in the Hudson Valley.  These include intensive crew boot camps, workshops, apprenticeships, and on the job training programs.  

  • We help create pathways to meaningful employment by ensuring that people have the skills they need not just for one-off jobs but for long term careers by offering bespoke mentorship programs and job placement services.

Through our community connections: 

  • We create opportunities for diverse, local storytellers through our Apprenticeship program and partnerships with local organizations. 

  • We help local partners produce content and allow them to market their services through our partnerships with local production companies, non-profits, and social ventures.

  • We work with local organizations to hire SW trainees and collaborate with other local businesses; and coalition building - partnering with local organizations to connect local talent, attract outside production, and provide trainings with hands on access to industry professionals.

  • We are developing a networking hub for creative professionals and curating industry events, master classes and screenings geared toward those who seek to deepen their industry learning and connections. 

Who We Serve

Stockade Works serves all people looking for employment and careers in the Hudson Valley, with a focus on those members of the community who have been locked out of employment and training opportunities, particularly women, people of color, veterans and those who are underemployed. 

We serve the entire Hudson Valley region including Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan counties. 

Our Unique Programming

  • Our programming is unique in its partnerships with industry leaders and focus on access and inclusion: we provide equal access to qualified workers from all backgrounds and work to bridge the gap between education and vocation.

  • We design and lead the training programs and work with top industry professionals who help instruct program participants and deliver job readiness and specialty skills. 

  • Our instructors come from a broad spectrum of industry positions ranging from directors, sound mixers, producers, boom operators, editors, set decoration and set building, among many others.

  • Based on a demonstration of financial need, our training tuitions are offered on a sliding scale and include full scholarships.  Enrollment is subsidized by foundation, government, and individual support and sponsorships to provide equal access to the industry. 

  • As part of our programming we offer job placements, referrals and one on one mentorships, all unique and crucial services that benefit our program graduates, local crew and incoming productions. 

  • Mentorships focus on skill development, career awareness and guidance, and on-the-job support throughout the time the graduates are working on the production.

To date we have referred graduates to over 60 paid production projects in the region. These are well-paying, quality crew jobs that provide pathways to meaningful careers.  We are on track to train 100 crew a year and create over 2,000 jobs by 2021 – quality, middle-skilled jobs with pathways to well-paid positions and opportunities for advancement.  


Organizational Partners

We have forged solid relationships with local industry leaders who have committed to supporting our mission through ongoing creative collaborations and partnerships. A few examples include:  Center for Creative Education, The Art Effect , Youth F/X, and Good Work institute. 

Industry Partners

Stockade Works has unique access to local talent, heads of production at all the major networks, Hollywood studios, and content companies and have gotten commitments from executives from MPAA and other member companies to bring TV shows to the Hudson Valley. Some of these organizations include: HBO, Showtime, AMC, Sundance Channel, NYWIFT (New York Women in Film and TV), Edgeworx, and Technicolor/Postworks. 

Academic Partners

We have partnered with many local academic institutions to assist in outreach efforts and the development of programs that allow participants to acquire skills necessary to gain employment in film and TV production, post-production and tech fields. These include: BOCES, SUNY Ulster/SUNY Ulster at Kingston/New Paltz/Purchase, Dutchess Community College, Bard College, and Kingston High School. 

Government Partners

The support of regional and local government is paramount to Stockade Works. We have worked closely with local elected officials to ensure that our goals are aligned with that of the county and the Hudson Valley region. A recent example of a successful government partnership is with REDC, which provided support for build-out of The Metro, which we are underway with in partnership with RUPCO. NYC’s theatrical trade unions have also provided ongoing support of our mission to train the local workforce to their standards, which is essential to scale the production capacity in the HV. Key government supporters include: Ulster County Economic Development Corporation, Ulster County Department of Employment and Training, Orange County Film Office, Kingston Mayor’s Office for Film & TV, Regional Economic Development Council (REDC), and Local unions Teamsters, Local 600, Local 52). 

Our Future Goals 

  • To provide incubation, training, and opportunities for new and established regional filmmakers with a priority on amplifying unheard voices based on identified need. 

  • To work with local nonprofits, social ventures, and production companies to deliver media strategy, content development/production, post production, and audience engagement.

  • To expand the film, television and media ecosystem by providing resources to film, media, tech, academic and other partner organizations and to foster growth and success of organizations in the Hudson Valley region. 

  • To design industry impact studies and eventually engage in research and strategic initiatives to ensure this industry is more accessible, inclusive and sustainable. 

  • To foster new opportunities for filmmakers and content creation to promote unheard voices behind and in front of the camera by working with partners and delivering productions; collaborating on and incubating documentary work; and developing a content division in which we will partner with local production companies, non-profits, and social ventures to incubate and create stories that bring unheard voices to audiences to create social change.